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About REVEAL Method

I created REVEAL Method because I noticed that the status quo approach to home life – the ordinary cleaning, dressing, cooking, organizing, storing, decorating – is backwards!

Conventional wisdom would have us spend the majority of our attention, and resources, on performance. We’re encouraged to act (clean, cook, declutter, color-code, contain, label) before we think (prepare and plan for each routine and activity).

REVEAL METHOD inspires you to PREPARE and PLAN, and only then PERFORM and perfect (continually improve) home life routines and activities.

We think, then we act. We discern, then we decide. In fact, we deliberately and disproportionately focus on the “invisible” inputs so that our “visible” home just flows, like water downhill, effortlessly.

To find out more about my work, visit me at revealmethod.com.

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I design smart and beautiful interiors and organizing solutions that reveal the house clients need for the home they want.